2015 - 2016

2015 - 2016

AB 43 EITC (Stone/Thurmond) Earned Income Tax Credit
Status: Senate Appropriations
Assembly Bill (AB) 43 addresses the lack of income gains for working Californians in the Post-Great Recession economic recovery while simultaneously providing a much-needed economic stimulus in the most economically distressed communities. This bill establishes a refundable California Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for working low- and middle-class families.

AB 768 Tobacco Free Baseball Act
Status: Approved by Governor

AB 768, the Tobacco Free Baseball Act, would ban the use of tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco products (e.g. chewing and dipping), at baseball stadiums.

AB 932 License Plates (Daly/Thurmond)
Status: Senate Appropriations

AB 932 proposes a specialty license plate for professional sports.

AB 1014 Our Children’s Success – Early Intervention Attendance Grant
Status: Senate Floor

AB 1014 creates “Our Children’s Success - the Early Intervention Attendance Grant” that schools and school districts can apply to for assistance with implementing plans to resolve chronic attendance problems for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade.

AB 1025 Tiered Mental Health School Services
Status: Senate Appropriations

AB 1025 establishes a school based, tiered mental health services pilot program for elementary school aged students.

AB 1031 Public Employee Retirees
Status: Vetoed

AB 1031 closes a loophole in current law that requires public employee retirees to pay for their Medi-Cal plan part B (prescription medications) when their pension is designed to cover all prescription costs. This bill levels the playing field for Medi-Cal annuitants whose peers, under the same pension plan, are not eligible for Medi-Cal and are not expected to pay monthly for their prescriptions.

AB 1240 School Breakfast (Bonta/Thurmond)
Status: Assembly Appropriations

AB 1240 will improve students’ academic achievement, attendance, and mental and physical health by ensuring that more children in California, particularly those served by high-need schools, have access to school breakfast.

AB 1255 Prepared Food Donations Tax Credit
Status: Assembly Revenue and Taxation

AB 1255 creates a tax credit for entities who donate prepared foods to non-profit organizations including charities and food banks.

AB 1260 City of Richmond
Status: Senate Education

AB 1260 is part of an ongoing discussion designed to help facilitate a partnership between University of California Berkeley and the city of Richmond in relation to UC Berkeley’s new Global Campus.

AB 1343 Padilla
Status: Approved by Governor
AB 1343 codifies the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Padilla v. Kentucky whereby undocumented individuals are deemed due legal immigration consultation when considering plea bargains, guilty pleas, etc.

AB 1375 Time in Lieu of Fees
Status: Approved by Governor

AB 1375 would amend Penal Code §§1205 and 2900.5 to increase the rate of credit for incarceration against criminal fines from a minimum of $30.00 per day to $125.00 per day, which is the amount of the original credit adjusted to reflect changes in inflation and the minimum wage since the amount was established in 1976.

AB 474 (Brown/Thurmond) SSI/SSP
Status: Assembly Budget Committee

AB 474 would increase the current State and Federal Social Security grant for a single adult from $889/mo. To $1,099/mo.; or 112% of the Federal Poverty Level, comparable to the SSI/SSP (Social Security Income and Social Security Payment) grant for married couples.

AB 1496 Methane Gas Emissions
Status: Approved by Governor

AB 1496 To address the immediate need for the regulation and reduction of methane emissions, AB 1496 will require the California Air Resources Board to develop a program that would measure, monitor, regulate, and ultimately reduce methane emissions state-wide and across sectors. The bill would require the ARB to develop the program by January 1, 2017.

HR 12 Social Work Month
Status: PASSED 3/19/15

House Resolution (HR) 12 Declares March 2015 as Social Work Month. Proclaims “Social Work Month” in the State of California, and commends the California Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers for its role in advancing professional social work and promoting the well-being of the people of California, and that all Californians to take part in March “Social Work Paves the Way for Change” events throughout California.

AB 2054 – Summer EBT                  
Status: Senate Rules, pending referral

AB 2054 compels the California Health and Human Services Agency, in conjunction with all other relevant state agencies, to (1) design a system to deliver Summer Electronic Benefits for Children (SEBTC) to eligible households and (2) pursue all available federal funding and authority to operate SEBTC.

AB 2140 (R. Hernández/Alejo/E. Garcia/Thurmond) – Farmworker Housing                   
Status: Senate Rules, pending referral

AB 2140 would make changes to the farmworker housing tax credit set-aside within the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program.  Specifically, this bill, redefines "farmworker housing" as housing in which at least 50% of the units are available to and occupied by farmworkers, instead of 100%. Allows farmworker housing developments that receive 4% federal LIHTCs that are in qualified census tracts (QCT) or designated development areas (DDA) to receive state LIHTCs. Makes qualified farmworker housing developments eligible for state LIHTC of 75% of the qualified basis of the building over four years.   

AB 2200 – Teacher Housing                   
Status: Assembly Appropriations

AB 2200 seeks to close the achievement gap by allowing school employees, including teachers, to live in the cities where they work. Specifically, the bill makes a one-time appropriation of $100 million to create a program that provides financial assistance to school districts to help fund the development of housing for school employees.

AB 2235 - Caleb's Law                 
Status: Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development 
AB 2235 seeks to increase the safety of administering general anesthesia to children during dental procedures. The bill establishes a multi-disciplinary committee under the California Dental Board to study the safety of pediatric anesthesia in dental offices, and to report the committee’s findings and recommendations to the Legislature. AB 2235 also requires oral surgeons to inform minor patients’ parents or guardians of the increased risks when they simultaneously perform a procedure and administer anesthesia without following recommended monitoring technologies.

AB 2272 - Surgical Plumes
Status: Senate Labor and Industrial Relations

AB 2272 aims to remove infectious airborne contaminants from surgical suites to protect patients and healthcare providers. This bill would require the use of smoke evacuators or “plume scavenging systems” (PSS) that capture and neutralize at least 95 % of the smoke at the site of origin, before it can make ocular or respiratory contact with healthcare personnel or patients.

AB 2406 – Junior Accessory Dwelling Units
Status: Senate Transportation and Housing

A multitude of solutions are needed to address California’s critical need for more housing. AB 2406 will create a simple and inexpensive permitting process for a flexible type of second unit created by repurposing spare bedrooms in existing homes. Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs), or Junior Second Units, will create new, less costly rental housing, while at the same time making owning a home in the state more affordable.

AB 2429 – School District and Community College District Bonds                 
Status: Senate Education
AB 2429 will increase the limits related to a district’s total bonded indebtedness. Elementary or high school district’s total general obligation (G.O.) bond indebtedness will be increased to 2% from the current 1.25% of the total assessed valuation of the district’s taxable property; and, increase unified school districts and community college districts G.O. bond indebtedness to 4% from the current 2.5% of taxable property. These percentages are consistent with the inflation adjustment from the year 2000.

AB 2441 – Workforce Housing Pilot Program
Status: Senate Rules, pending referral

AB 2441 will create a new state investment in cities for the development of housing in high-cost areas. The bill creates a pilot program that will provide funds directly to cities in high-cost areas, to be used for either down payment assistance of a home or the development, substantial rehabilitation and preservation of multifamily housing.

AB 2506 – Chafee Grant Awards
Status: Senate Rules, pending referral

AB 2506 would increase the rate of college completion among youth in foster care by expanding access to their only source of dedicated financial aid: the Chafee Education and Training Voucher (Chafee ETV). Specifically, AB 2506 would modify Chafee ETV eligibility such that all students who apply by September 2nd would be entitled to a grant. It would also restrict the use of Chafee ETV funds at schools that meet certain graduation and loan default criteria.

AB 2517 – Vote at 16
Status: Assembly Elections and Redistricting

AB 2517 would permit charter cities to amend their charters to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote in local school board elections. By participating in these elections, young people will be more likely to continue voting at age 18 and beyond and have the habit form as early as age 16.

AB 2667 – Unruh Civil Rights
Status: Assembly Floor
AB 2667 recognizes the policy of the State of California to ensure that all persons have the full benefit of the rights, penalties, remedies, forums, and procedures established by the Unruh Civil Rights Act and that individuals shall not be deprived of those rights, penalties, remedies, forums, or procedures through the use of involuntary or coerced waivers. AB 2667 states that a person shall not require another person to waive any legal right, penalty, remedy, forum or procedure for civil rights violations as a condition of entering into a contract for goods or services.

AB 2729 (Williams/Salas/Thurmond)  – Oil and gas operations: Enforcement Actions
Status: Senate Rules, pending referral

AB 2729 would increases idle oil and gas well fees and blanket indemnity bonds to provide a disincentive for operators to maintain large numbers of idle wells. 

AB 2756 (Thurmond/Williams) – Oil and gas operations: Enforcement Actions
Status: Senate Rules, pending referral

AB 2756 will enhance the Division’s authority to regulate the oil and gas industry, and ensure the protection of public health and the environment.

AB 2768 – Donated Food
Status: Assembly Appropriations

AB 2768 would accomplish three major goals: increase access to food for low-income Californians, honor the work of California’s food retailers and their workers, and facilitate California’s environmental goal of eliminating organic waste from our landfills. AB 2768 offers a refundable tax credit equal to 10% of the fair market value of donated food. It does this by incentivizing and supporting the costs related to donating prepared food to soup kitchens, meals-on-wheels, afterschool programs and other providers of meals to low-income children and adult providers.

AB 2824 – Downloadable Detailed Precinct Reports
Status: Assembly Appropriations   

AB 2824 builds on the requirements of AB 813 passed into law in 2013 which required, 30 days after the election, elections officials whose systems have the technical capacity to do so must post the certified statement of the results, including all races and at the precinct level, on their Internet Web sites in a downloadable spreadsheet format. AB 2824 moves this requirement up to begin on election night and repeatedly at regular intervals thereafter until certification 30 days after the election. AB 813 is now section 15372(b) of the California Elections Code.

AB 2839 – Criminal Penalties
Status: Senate Public Safety 

AB 2839 Clarifies that when a criminal defendant is ordered imprisoned for non-payment of a non-restitution criminal fine, that only the base fine is used when determining the term of imprisonment.

AB 2873 – Certified Access Specialists
Status: Senate Rules, pending referral

AB 2873 strikes a delicate balance by providing more resources to increase business compliance with state and federal access laws and also ensures equal access to businesses by the disability community. This bill collects a $4 fee on building permits, which can be used by local governments for Certified Access Specialists (CASp)-certification and training of all local building inspectors. The bill also expands CASp training, testing and certification to include federal subsidized housing accessibility requirements.

ACR 139 – Child Abuse Prevention
Status: PASSED 6/2/16

ACR 139 acknowledges the month of April 2016 as Child Abuse Prevention Month, and encourages the people of the State of California to work together to support youth-serving child abuse prevention activities in their communities and schools.

AJR 33 (Bonilla/Thurmond) – Port Chicago disaster: African American Sailors of the United States Navy
Status: Senate Veterans Affairs

AJR 33 urges the United States to take certain actions with regard to a disaster at the Chicago Naval Magazine in Port Chicago, California. Specifically this resolution requests:
1) To urge recognition that the trial and conviction of the 50 African American sailors of the United States Navy for mutiny in connection with their service at the Port Chicago Naval Magazine in Concord, California, during World War II were wrongfully pursued because of racial prejudice;
2) To urge the Congress to publicly exonerate those 50 African American sailors of the United States Navy in order to further aid in healing the racial divide that continues to exist in the United States;
3) To urge Congress to take action to retroactively convert the general discharge granted to each of the 50 African American sailors to an honorable discharge

HR 40 (Eggman/Thurmond) – Social Work Month
Status: PASSED 3/28/16

HR 40 proclaims March 2016 as Social Work Month in the State of California and commends the California Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers for its role in advancing professional social work and promoting the well-being of the people of California.