AB 43 State Incarceration Prevention Fund- (Assembly Appropriations, 2-year bill)                                   

AB 43 provides a revenue stream for universal preschool and after-school programs by taxing companies that profit from the prison industrial complex and funding early education opportunities.

AB 45 School Employee Housing Program- (Vetoed)                               

AB 45 provides a tool for school districts to increase teacher recruitment and retention by creating a program to provide financial assistance to school districts for the predevelopment and development of housing for school employees, including teachers.

AB 55 Hazardous Materials Management- (Signed by the Governor)                                                    

AB 55 increases oversight of refineries by requiring an owner or operator claiming exceptions to certain contractor and subcontractor requirements to file public copies of those contracts.

AB 224 Dental Anesthesia and Children- (Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development, 2-year bill)               

AB 224 seeks to increase the safety of children who need anesthesia during dental procedures in dental offices. This bill provides guidelines on the appropriate staff required to be present when children undergo anesthesia, ensuring the ability to properly care for patients during emergencies.

AB 254 School-Based Mental Health- (Held in Assembly Appropriations)                           

AB 254 establishes a pilot program to maximize participation in a federal reimbursement program expanding student access to school-based behavioral health services for Medi-Cal eligible students and providing schools with additional funds for services.

AB 261 School Board Voting-Student Members- (Signed by Governor)                                          

AB 261 guarantees that all Student School Board Members have the ability to vote on all matters before the board through what is known as a preferential vote.

AB 266 Prison Housing Assignments-Mental Health- (Held in Assembly Appropriations)                           

AB 266 aids inmates in getting necessary mental health services by requiring the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to review was eligible for mental health services prior to their incarceration.

AB 387 Health Professionals Intern Minimum Wage- (Assembly Floor, 2-year bill)                    

AB 387 provides allied health interns performing supervised work with existing minimum wage.

AB 402 Occupational Safety and Health Standards: Plume- (Vetoed)  

AB 402 protects patient and health care worker safety by requiring the Division of Occupational Safety and Health to develop regulations for the removal of noxious fumes generated during medical procedures known as surgical plumes.

AB 432 Waiver Personal Care Services (WCPS) Workers- (Vetoed)                    

AB 432 creates equity in labor rights between In-Home Supportive Services and Waiver Personal Care Services providers.

AB 435 Contra Costa, Sonoma, Marin, and Alameda Child Care Subsidy Pilots- (Signed by Governor)                                        

AB 435 authorizes Contra Costa County to develop and implement an individualized pilot county child care subsidy plan.  This pilot program will result in the maximization of existing child care dollars and the expansion of child care services.

AB 456 Associate Clinical Social Worker Licensure- (Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development, 2-year bill)

AB 456 enables social workers who have completed their education to begin working faster by allowing them to accumulate hours of experience towards licensure post-graduation is the applicant applies for associate clinical social worker registration with the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) within 90 days.

AB 462 Wage Information Data Access- (Signed by Governor)                                                        

AB 462 provides greater transparency on the effectiveness of mental health services by allowing the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission to receive and analyze quarterly employment information.

AB 670 Part-Time Playground Workers- (Signed by Governor)                                                    

AB 670 extends equity in compensation and benefits for part-time playground employees in schools.

AB 1164 Teacher Tenure & Reserve Caps- (Senate Education, 2-year bill)                                                                                           

AB 1164 extends a third year before teachers are granted them tenure and reinstates the due process for a teachers a district does not elect to keep. Additionally, the bill provides for increased teacher support and professional development.  Finally, the bill increases the amount of money school districts can hold in reserve, balancing a need to use resources for students and plan for long-term fiscal health.

AB 1379 Certified Accessibility Specialists (CASp) Program Funding- (Signed by Governor)               

AB 1379 limits egregious examples of lawsuit abuses by increasing education and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The bill temporarily collects a $4 fee on business licenses and renewals, or building permits, so local governments can increase CASp training and certification.

AB 1461 Meal Subscription Plan Food Handler Certification- (Vetoed)              

AB 1461 protects consumers and increases food safety by requiring all employees of businesses offering meal subscription to be properly trained in food handling.

AB 1488 County Juvenile Transition Centers- (Senate Rules, 2-year bill)                                                              

AB 1488 requires counties to establish a Juvenile Transition Center with wraparound reentry services and optional transitional housing for youth who were previously associated with a juvenile correctional facility. 

AB 1502 Free or Reduced Lunch Direct Certification- (Signed by Governor)       

AB 1502 provides the Department of Education with the necessary flexibility to increase the number of eligible students automatically certified for free or reduced price lunches.

AB 1529 Backflow Prevention Devices Inspector Certifications- (Senate Appropriations, 2-year bill)          

AB 1529 provides statewide guidance on the acceptable training levels for individuals tasked with ensuring that drinkable water does not mix with undrinkable water in existing systems.

AB 1565 Overtime Compensation- (Senate Floor, 2-year bill)                                                   

AB 1556 increases the pay threshold for employees to receive overtime pay, extending overtime eligibility to more workers.

AB 1701 Contractor Liability- (Signed by Governor)

AB 1701 protects workers by making contractors liable for wages and benefits left unpaid by their subcontractors.