AB 55 Hazardous Materials Management- (Signed by the Governor)                                                    

AB 55 increases oversight of refineries by requiring an owner or operator claiming exceptions to certain contractor and subcontractor requirements to file public copies of those contracts.

AB 261 School Board Voting-Student Members- (Signed by Governor)                                          

AB 261 guarantees that all Student School Board Members have the ability to vote on all matters before the board through what is known as a preferential vote.

AB 435 Contra Costa, Sonoma, Marin, and Alameda Child Care Subsidy Pilots- (Signed by Governor)                                        

AB 435 authorizes Contra Costa County to develop and implement an individualized pilot county child care subsidy plan.  This pilot program will result in the maximization of existing child care dollars and the expansion of child care services.

AB 462 Wage Information Data Access- (Signed by Governor)                                                        

AB 462 provides greater transparency on the effectiveness of mental health services by allowing the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission to receive and analyze quarterly employment information.

AB 670 Part-Time Playground Workers- (Signed by Governor)                                                    

AB 670 extends equity in compensation and benefits for part-time playground employees in schools.

AB 1379 Certified Accessibility Specialists (CASp) Program Funding- (Signed by Governor)               

AB 1379 limits egregious examples of lawsuit abuses by increasing education and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The bill temporarily collects a $4 fee on business licenses and renewals, or building permits, so local governments can increase CASp training and certification.

AB 1488 County Juvenile Transition Centers- (Senate Rules, 2-year bill)                                                              

AB 1488 requires counties to establish a Juvenile Transition Center with wraparound reentry services and optional transitional housing for youth who were previously associated with a juvenile correctional facility. 

AB 1502 Free or Reduced Lunch Direct Certification- (Signed by Governor)       

AB 1502 provides the Department of Education with the necessary flexibility to increase the number of eligible students automatically certified for free or reduced price lunches.

AB 1701 Contractor Liability- (Signed by Governor)

AB 1701 protects workers by making contractors liable for wages and benefits left unpaid by their subcontractors.