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BART Toll Hike Letter

Dear Mr. Cortese and Ms. Saltzman,

The undersigned group of legislators writes on behalf of our constituents in the East Bay who are alarmed by recent suggestions that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) will seek to impose a toll increase on the Bay Area's seven state-owned bridges to fund transportation infrastructure projects, including the purchase of new rail cars for Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). Given the direct financial impact that a toll increase would have on our constituents, especially those commuting to and from the East Bay, we feel that it is prudent to request clarification on the purpose and scope of this proposal. Please respond to the following questions:

East Bay Times: Editorial: Legislature should reverse BART’s deceit of voters

Three East Bay representatives deserve great credit for trying to restore some fiscal sanity and honesty to BART.

The Bay Area’s critical transit district is being run under a cloud of deceit. District officials last year convinced voters to pass a $3.5 billion bond measure for capital projects. They promised that the district would continue to kick in its fair share, but less than three months after the election they are moving to renege on that.

Delta Caucus formed to provide voice for Delta communities

(SACRAMENTO) – On Monday, Assemblymember Timothy S. Grayson (D-Concord) announced the formation of an informal Delta Caucus by members of the California State Assembly.  The caucus will serve to coordinate policy and actions related to protecting the natural and human resources of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta ecosystem.