ABX2-1 - Developmental services: Medi-Cal: funding - (Signed by the Governor)

Provides funds for regional centers and community service providers to support individuals with developmental disabilities. 

ABX2-9 - Tobacco use programs - (Signed by the Governor)

Requires all California schools to adopt and enforce a tobacco-free campus policy.

AB 768 Tobacco Free Baseball Act - (Signed by the Governor)

The Tobacco Free Baseball Act, would ban the use of tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco products (e.g. chewing and dipping), at baseball stadiums.

AB 1014 Student Attendance (Signed by the Governor)

Establishes the Learning Communities for School Success Program, which assists schools in resolving chronic attendance problems for students who are at risk of dropping out of school, thus improving attendance and academic outcomes for students in K-3 and beyond.

AB 1343 Padilla - (Signed by the Governor)

Codifies the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Padilla v. Kentucky whereby undocumented individuals are deemed due legal immigration consultation when considering plea bargains, guilty pleas, etc.

AB 1375 Time in Lieu of Fees - (Signed by the Governor)

Amends Penal Code §§1205 and 2900.5 to increase the rate of credit for incarceration against criminal fines from a minimum of $30.00 per day to $125.00 per day, which is the amount of the original credit adjusted to reflect changes in inflation and the minimum wage since the amount was established in 1976.

AB 1496 Methane Gas Emissions - (Signed by the Governor)

Addresses the immediate need for the regulation and reduction of methane emissions, AB 1496 will require the California Air Resources Board to develop a program that would measure, monitor, regulate, and ultimately reduce methane emissions state-wide and across sectors. The bill would require the ARB to develop the program by January 1, 2017.

AB 2235 - Board of Dentistry: pediatric anesthesia: Caleb’s Law - (Signed by the Governor)

Establishes a multi-disciplinary committee under the California Dental Board to study the safety of pediatric anesthesia in dental offices, and to report the committee’s findings and recommendations to the Legislature.

AB-2406 - Housing: Junior Accessory Dwelling Units - (Signed by the Governor)

Creates a simple and inexpensive permitting process for a flexible type of second unit created by repurposing spare bedrooms in existing homes. Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs), or Junior Second Units, create new, less costly rental housing, while at the same time making owning a home in the state more affordable.

AB-2506 - Student financial aid: Chafee grant awards - (Signed by the Governor)

Increases the rate of college completion among youth in foster care by expanding access to their only source of dedicated financial aid: the Chafee Educational and Training Voucher (Chafee ETV). Specifically, AB 2506 modifies Chafee ETV eligibility such that all students who apply by September 2nd would be entitled to a grant. It also restricts the use of Chafee ETV funds at schools that meet certain graduation and loan default criteria.

AB-2756 - Oil and gas operations: enforcement actions - (Signed by the Governor)

Enhances the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources’ authority to regulate the oil and gas industry, ensuring the protection of public health and the environment.

AB-2839 - Criminal penalties: nonpayment of fines - (Signed by the Governor)

Ensures that individuals incarcerated for minor crimes will receive credit for time served without extending the length of imprisonment due to increased fines.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 139 - Child Abuse Prevention Month - (Signed by the Governor)

Acknowledges the month of April 2016 as Child Abuse Prevention Month, and encourages the people of the State of California to work together to support youth-serving child abuse prevention activities in their communities and schools.

House Resolution 12 - Social Worker Month - (Signed by the Governor)

Recognizes March 2015 as Social Work Month in the State of California and commends the California Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers for it role in advancing professional social work in the state.

House Resolution 55 - Juneteenth Day Celebrations - (Signed by the Governor)

Juneteenth is the celebration of the liberation of slaves in Galveston, Texas. H.R. 55 encourages all Californians to join together in celebrating Juneteenth and recognition of the movement to establish Juneteenth Independence Day as a national day of observance.