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The results of the upcoming 2020 Census are critically important to the economic and political strength of California. If our residents don’t participate, California will lose one or two Congressional seats as well as billions of dollars a year in federal funds that our communities have every right to. So it is really important that all Californians fill out the census form!

Unfortunately the Census, which is conducted by the federal government, is being politicized to try to intimidate certain communities with a mandatory “citizenship” question. 

We can’t let that happen. Attorney General Becerra is fighting right now in federal court to stop this question from being asked. 

The deadline to submit a comment is August 7, so act today! Comments can be left on the public comment page on the website of the US Census Bureau at the Commerce Department.

The deadline to leave a comment is August 7, so take action now to save the Census. 

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Sample 1 

The Commerce Department must remove the citizenship question from the 2020 Census form. The need for a complete count of every person living in the United States is clear. When hard-to-reach groups are made even more difficult to count, it hurts everyone. The Bureau’s own research demonstrates that certain groups are already fearful of filling out government surveys and the inclusion of this question will only make this fear worse. Too much depends on an accurate count to risk this untested and controversial question. 

Sample 2

My community will be affected by a Census undercount in my state. The purpose of the U.S. Census is to count every resident in every state so as to accurately distribute federal resources. The inclusion of the controversial “citizenship” question will result in fewer people being recorded. That’s less money for my family’s education, healthcare, and other vital federal contributions to local programs. Please reconsider this flawed policy.   

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