Join the Movement to Educate Our Youth and Not Profit off Their Prison Incarceration

Support Assembly Bill 43, by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond which will provide a revenue stream for large scale programs known to prevent incarceration such as preschool and after-school programs. Assembly Bill 43 will assess a tax on for-profit companies including private prisons that contract with state prison facilities to provide goods or services.

Increase Education Funding to Decrease Prison Population

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I Support AB 43

Dear Assemblymember Thurmond:

EducateI am pleased to write in support of your bill AB 43, which provides a revenue stream for large scale incarceration prevention programs like preschool and after-school programs.  The bill re-directs money generated by for-profit companies contracting with the Department of Corrections into a state fund dedicated to reducing incarceration rates.

California will spend $4.5 billion on contracts with for-profit companies in the corrections budget.  In comparison, the state spends very little on preschool and after-school programs.  Attempts at heavy investment in these programs have traditionally fallen victim to annual budget concerns.  It is critical that we not only fund these essential programs but make sure that any funding is not subject to budgetary fluctuations.

AB 43 will help decrease California’s incarceration rates by providing funding for programs that decrease the likelihood that an individual will come into contact with the criminal justice system.  Further, it does so by only affecting those who profit financially from an individual’s incarceration.

This bill is will greatly benefit our kids and our communities.  For the above stated reasons, I am a proud supporter of AB 43.

 Thank you for your effort in authoring and driving this measure forward.