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Legislative Update

Assemblymember Grayson legislative update

In the past month I have taken 252 votes on the floor, 177 votes in committees, and made 24 bill presentations. These bills reflected some of my top priorities of addressing our housing crisis, protecting our schools and places of worship from violent threats, and expanding mental health services for our California firefighters. Unfortunately, two of my bills, AB 1280 and AB 928, did not make it out of committee hearings and will be on hold until next year. Both of these bills would have helped sexually exploited children and I remain committed to fighting for all victims of sexual and intrapersonal violence.

May is another important and busy month for the Legislature. Governor Newsom will release his revised proposed budget this month, and by midnight on May 31st all bills must pass the house they were introduced in or otherwise be inactive for the year. As the legislative process continues, please share your thoughts on issues that are important to you by calling one of my district offices or contacting me through my website.