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Ban on Police Choke Holds Moves Forward in California Senate

Source: KQED, by Katie Orr

Assembly Bill 1196, which would ban law enforcement in California from using choke holds or similar restraining methods that pose a substantial risk of asphyxiation when detaining people, passed the state Senate Public Safety Committee Friday.

The legislation follows sustained national outcry over the death of George Floyd, a Minneapolis man who died after a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.


The Senate Public Safety Committee also passed Friday a bill addressing compensation for victims of police violence.

AB 767 would allow survivors of police brutality and family members of those killed by police to receive reimbursement from the California Victim Compensation Board.

“AB 767 is California’s opportunity to demonstrate that we value the lives and experiences of all victims and particularly Black and brown victims of police violence,” said Assemblyman Tim Grayson, lead author of the bill.